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    African Encyclopedia Wikis > Komla N. Tekpor
    African Encyclopedia Wikis > Komla N. Tekpor

    Born  in Togo, Komla Tekpor grew up in a small village in the south East of Togo called Tado, about 165 km from Lomé, the capital. His passion to help people around him drove his desire of becoming an Agriculture Engineer in order to maximize food production to help feed more people. He is married and has 3 boys. His hobbies include reading and listening to country music.

    In terms of professional experience, Mr. Tekpor worked for the Center for Support to Development, CAD – Togo (NGO), as a co-founder and the Executive Director for seven years. He has also worked for the UNDP – Togo, as a development specialist for a year.
    Mr. Tekpor relocated to the U.S. in 2002, where he stayed faithful to his vision to dedicate himself to the service of others. He worked for several years with LIFE Inc., a non-profit organization for Americans with disabilities, devoted to identify and address the unmet needs in the disabled community. In his position as a grant writer/fundraiser/volunteer, M. Tekpor closely worked with the Council and the Executive Director to define clear goals for the organization, develop achievable fundraising plans, write grants, and compile realistic annual budgets.
    In 2016, Mr. Tekpor also initiated the creation of the Adja Diaspora Association called “Diaspora Adja – Adja Kanou Mabou” in the US. The Association, presided by Mr. Tekpor, regroups Adja people living in the US and has a core objective of creating a united, rich, and fulfilled Adja community in the U.S. To reach that objective, Mr. Tekpor leads the Executive Bureau in:

    Promoting information and knowledge sharing for socioeconomic development within the community. For example, Mr. Tekpor often invites guesses from diverse backgrounds to inform members about existing public and private funds, real estate, usage of credit cards, personal finances, English language improvement, job opportunities, etc.

    Keeping members connected by organizing weekly discussion about topics that can strengthen households and help some parents better raise their children in the distinctly different cultural setting of the US.

    Helping members stay culturally connected to their roots by encouraging them to speak Adja language during discussions, share the meaning of some idioms and other important sayings, and learn the names of the days and months in Adja languageSupporting each other, both financially and morally, during happy and unhappy events.Under the leadership of Mr. Tekpor, the Association has made major contributions to the community. In short, Mr. Tekpor, has proved himself to be an outstanding leader, who really cares about people in general and for members of his community in particular. 

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