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    Gustav was born on the 24th of september 1989 in Agou(region de plateaux au togo). He started writing at the age of 10. At 13 he formed a group in junior secondary school called “les boss de la rue”which means the boss of the streets with Seth and Gerome. After series of release without anything forthcoming, Gustav Legiste left the group and went solo with his first official single “Love comes by itself “ which got him a record deal with O.R. MUSIC, a label under O.R. EVENTS Ghanaian biggest movie conpany in Italy. This got him another great single “Could this be love ft M.j.c which was used as a soundtrack to a movie titled, COULD THIS BE LOVE directed by EDDIE NARTEY starred KWADWO NKANSAH(lil wayne) and NANA AMA MCbrown. Later on he decided to leave O.R Music for reasons best known to him. In 2014, he took part in the world cup song which was done to cheer African teams present in Brazil. The track had Fuji,Zed-Ay -kay and Farid on it. Months Later he shot and dropped his official video for”love comes by itself”using Ghana as the Location.

    By Natasha Owolabi

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